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[follow-up] “How AI is changing our professional life – and not only!” – The Speakers (part 4)

Meet Carlo Ceccarelli, an Attorney At Law – Partner at Fabbro & Partners SA – FLD, a Swiss & Italian law firm based in Switzerland.

He has a diverse legal background, including experience as an Associate Attorney in Geneva. Carlo Ceccarelli also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) in Maritime Law from the University of Southampton and a Certificate of advanced studies (CAS) in Criminal magistracy from École Romande de Magistrature Pénale.

Apart from his legal career, he has been involved as an Examining magistrate for the military court with the Swiss Army.

Additionally, Carlo Ceccarelli is engaged with the GlobalAI Association in Geneva, showcasing his interest and involvement in the field of Artificial Intelligence alongside his legal expertise.

His profile reflects a versatile professional with a broad range of experiences and interests in both law and technology.

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