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GlobalAI, an international association governed by Swiss law, was established in 2023 as a non-profit organization.

Its objective is to promote the positive development, sustainable growth, and ethical application of Artificial Intelligence technology worldwide.

Its main aim is to empower its Members with representation and a voice at the United Nations and other relevant global entities, thereby ensuring a conducive and unified regulatory environment.

Global Standards & Regulations

To ensure that its Members have a voice at the United Nations and other relevant international bodies, in order to secure a favorable harmonized regulatory framework.

International Advocacy

To support the ethical growth and development of AI technology by monitoring and advocating for global policy decisions that impact the sector.

Expertise Platform

To create an independent platform for Members to discuss common interests and exchange best practices, as well as promote and support advocacy actions at the national level that are linked to global activities.

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Nasce la GlobalAI Association
di Fabio Masini.
In the vast arena that has formed around Artificial Intelligence, there was still a missing presence: a global representative association for the industry. The Global Artificial Intelligence Association was founded in 2023 in Geneva, the birthplace of the United Nations and Human Rights, as well as home to numerous NGOs and international organizations.

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